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Saturday, 27 July 2013

It All Comes Round In The End....

It's seductive, isn't it?  The perfect analytic answer, the equation that makes sense of it all.

We reach for that, hunger for it.  In fact, we hunger for the analytic answer to a problem far more than we hunger for a solution that works.

Get a solution that works, and you've just got no more problem.

Get an answer, and you've got an answer.  Clean lines, straight edges.

The thing is though, if you just try and actually get real about whatever issue it is you're facing, and then the next, and then the next, after a while you find an incredible elegance that you would never have been able to work out just, kind of, is.  It's just there, through it all, an elegance and clarity.

It's only noise because we're only listening to part of it.  Everything makes sense on its own terms.

And the crazy thing is, if you're really good, you can start charting that elegance, that simplicity.

So it all comes round in the end.

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