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Friday, 7 June 2013

The Hidden Web

There certainly is a lot of noise out there.  And the people who shout the loudest are very, very rarely the people with the most important things to say.

There's a single secret you can use to cut through all this noise.

Good workers respect good work.

You don't need to find everyone who has something really important to say.  You just need to find one person, and then find out who it is they have real respect for.  And then just follow the thread.

Very soon, you will start to see a hidden web of brilliance that lies beneath the facile noise of the modern age.

And if you dig deep enough into it, and humble yourself and your opinions, so you can truly learn from all these people, sooner or later, you too will become part of it.

Oh, and here's a little list to get you started.  Bryan Magee, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Paul Hawken, Iain McGilchrist.

Have fun...

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