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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beyond Belief

What is more majestic?

The myths people told about the constellations, or the stars in the sky?

The legends of the origin of life, or the elegant beauty of evolution?

The little stories we weave to make sense of the world, or the sense the world really makes when you leave them behind?

We are told not to look too deep, because the mysteries are precious.  But the reality behind them is more precious by far, and more beautiful than anything our little minds could hope to invent.

And no matter how deep we look, or how much we see, reality is not in immediate danger of running out of mystery.  It's quite a ridiculous human conceit to claim for ourselves such power that we could exhaust the brilliance of the real.

Stepping beyond the beliefs and stories isn't stepping beyond the beauty they hold.  It's stepping in to all real beauty, all real life, and the ever-retreating horizon of the real.

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