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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cartesian Gap: Closed

Is there a duality between awareness and the physical world?
there isn't actually a duality between anything to be honest
See when I really get in the zone, I see that there isn't. But I'm not sure which one there 'is'
the reason it appears
that there is
is that we are capable of fiction
the only division
is between the real and unreal
and that's not really a division is it?
it's a fake one
because really
there's only the real
and the fake stuff is fake
it's a bit of a brain-twister
it took me about 4 months
of just hitting it
to get my head around it properly
it was one of the serious insights
that led me to
no duality
But thenn, if there is a rock under my floor that I am unaware off, does it exist
except between what is and what isn't
you're not really aware
there's just the flow of reality
but how can I suppose it if I am unaware of it
hmm, this is where your quantam physics blog post comes in I think
which we think of as awareness
look i mean
it's fucking fascinating
it is
try to see what i'm saying
although it is a little bit like
intellectual contortionism
but yeah
The problem isn't that thoughts are not real.
basically that's it
that thing stephen said
think of a cinema screen
problem is
george clooney isn't really there
but there's a real image
the division isn't really there
but there's a real image of one
that the pictures the paint, are not true. They exist as thoughts NOT as reality
so the image is real
as an image
fuck of course
this is kind of what i'm saying
it's like the lie
the self if you will
actually does exist
as a lie
it is a real lie
and in that sense
it has that level of reality
like a unicorn
isn't a real thing
but it is a real fiction
I think the image is all that there is, but its not really an image. it's the processing of reality
there is the fiction of it
it's definitely strange
but i think it is possible
to close the cartesian gap
that mind-body duality
fuck thats what one of you meant when you said perception is the interpration of reality
by saying
fuck thats what one of you meant when you said perception is the interpration of reality
well kind of
the way i see it
is thinking about processing
what processes what
your eyes
pick up light
that hits the retina
and is processed
into a different form of information
that hits the brain
and is again
at some point
there has to be
an end to the processing
something has to 'consume' the information
so to speak
the information has to 'go' somewhere
dennett dicked around in this area
didn't quite crack it
it's not that
as dennett said
you get multiple overlapping processing bits
that's silly
and a bit of a cheat
he's just moving the problem back a stage
hiding it in complexity
so to speak
what i think is happening
is that as the information
goes into the brain
and gets blasted through the synapses
and neurons
it is essentially
signal that doesn't seem to be going anywhere
there is no CPU
in the human brian
not brian
that would be silly
but anyway
no CPU
just networks
networks of signal
where is it going?
it's collapsing
and being destroyed
in the moment
of becoming real
that's the point
at which it intersects
with reality
which is to say
nowhere fast
stop jumping ahead
go back
read what i said
i just closed
the cartesian gap
this is a biggie
I read it
i feel a bit silly now
in philosophical terms
awareness itself
IS the intersecting point
between mind and body
it becomes real
at that moment of collapse
and if you actually look
and if you actually look
Yes very interesting, pain and vision seem to share the same space
at what the actual brain is doing
in real life
you will see
that actually
this is it
it's just signal
it is basically
in it's own gooey way
just a bundle of wiring
that's it
that's all
just a shitload of wires
no cp
just wires
and signal travelling down them
and input
that's how simple
the human brain is
and input
just wires to carry the signal
input to get the signal there in the first place
there's no 'consciousness' bit
of the brain
is just reality
collapsing into reality
is thought
as we experience it
and if you take the whole thing together
you get
the experience
of the human mind
does any of that shit i just said
make any sense to anyone?
yes it does, but I feel somewhat there is an element still missing
i don't think so
i think that basically wraps it up
i can't see anything missing
'awareness' of it all
that's reality
the collapse of the quantum wave front
it's just different words
for the same thing
awareness is consciousness is reality
is the present moment
is the collapse of possibility into certainty
through the infinity
of actual being
within that collapse there is signal collapsing that merges with awareness in the moment of collapse
that's thought
i honestly can't see a missing piece
no I see it now
it's quite simple
once you get your head around it
it's less complex
and more that
there's all these complex things
that just aren't needed
to explain the reality
of the human condition
which is fundamentally
pretty simple
if we're being honest